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Wellington must do’s; eat and drink

There are some really great restaurants, cafes and bars around Wellington. Cuba Street and Courtney Place are the two main streets where you will find most bars and restaurants and here are a few that I would recommend you to visit if you go to this cute little city:

– Flight Coffee: A really nice café along Courtenay Place with delicious coffee! We had a absolutely fabulous sandwich, it was seriously one of the best sandwiches I have ever had. People who come here are probably the people shopping in all of the second hand shops you find in every corner around Wellington, and old men that want real good coffee!

– Matterhorn
: Fantastic cocktails and the perfect place to start the night off, or just go for a couple of drinks with a nice, relaxing environment. Seems like a place where mostly local people go since it is a quite hidden place along Cuba Street.

– Scopa
: I had the most amazing pizza at this Italian restaurant along Cuba Street, strongly recommended!

– Duke Carvell's
: The restaurant where we had one of the best dinners I have ever had in my life. We shared an antipasto platter, but I'm sure everything they serve is just as good. It is to be found at the other side of a parking lot along Cuba Street.

– The Bangalore Polo Club
: Fantastic bar/restaurant at Courtenay Place, perfect to go for an after work as well as having some drinks there later on during the night. Not too sure about the food, but I would guess it is pretty good. And the environment is wonderful! The best part is that they have these huge bowls of unpeeled peanuts, so everyone peels and eats these peanuts and just throw the shells on the floor – fantastic!!

The bangalore polo club is filled with birdcages, even I who find birds kind of scary thought it was cute!


– Sweet Mother's Kitchen: Café/restaurant that seemed to be quite busy all day and night, we went here for brunch and that is strongly recommended! We didn't try their milkshakes but they looked really good!

– Night market
: Every Friday evening there is a food market in one of the alleys along Cuba Street. Go there and make sure you are really hungry, there are so much food from all over the world!

Some Hungarian pastry thing with cinnamon and chocolate, delicious!!


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