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Unfortunately for you international blog readers, I write all my blog posts in Swedish. If you still want to read my blog, as I know many of my friends abroad do, you can use Google Translate. Some sentences may not make sense or sound funny, but you will get the main idea. To the right you find the button ”Select Language”, from there you can choose English and the blog will be translated.

One day, if it turns out to be a bigger minority that would like to read my blog in English – I might consider changing my language, or at least add a translation. So please, answer the question below!

Should I write my blog in English?
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  1. Hi Jennifer,
    My personal opinion would be to keep your blog in Swedish. My language is English (New Zealand), I’ve been following your blog for about the last year and I’m finding to my surprise that I can actually begin to understand a little of the language (speaking it is an entirely different matter :-)). And in understanding a little of the language I guess it’s easier to understand the people and the culture. And if all else fails, there is always Google transtate. Enjoy reading your blog very much.

    All the best


    1. Hi Ian,
      Thank you very much for your comment. I remember the email you send me in August and I feel flattered that you still read my blog! It’s very interesting and actually quite impressive that you read my Swedish and try to understand it. May I ask you what made you continue to read my blog, if that’s a questions you can find an answer to? It would be fun to know.

      Thanks again, your comment made my day!
      Take care. And I really hope to visit your wonderful country again some day.

  2. Hej Jennifer

    Unfortunately I can’t speak Swedish and I am not fluent in English either. But I ”learnt ”a bit of Swedish for two months with an interactive CD-Rom and a language learning method just for the sake of it :). I love how Swedish sounds. From time to time , I watch videos in Swedish on Youtube , one was about a ”Flicka (tjej)” who explained to us a ”Svenska receipt. I could only understand the word ”Kastrull” lol.
    With my online dictionary Svenska-Franska, I will try to spell out your blogg, so you have to go on writing in Swedish :D

    Hälsningar från Frankrike

    1. Jérôme – thanks a lot for your comment, it makes me super glad to hear that you actually read my Swedish for a learning purpose :) I feel very flattered and it’s inspiring to hear. Is there any certain reason you are learning Swedish? Take care and LYCKA TILL!

      Hälsningar från Finland

  3. Hi miss Sandström

    I felt in love with Sweden two years ago but I didn’t go there yet.
    However I save money in order to go to Göteborg, probably next spring. Learning Swedish is a leisure, but I’d love to take Swedish lessons. At the same time, I have to improve my English again and again in order to be ready for my forthcoming trip. When I think, most of Swedish students are fluent in English when they leave High school…Omg .I have also a G+ page about Sweden. By the way, do you know the Frecnh island of ”St-Barts” in the West Indies ? Sweden had this island and the names of the streets are in French and in Swedish !
    Thank you for your support


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