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Rugby game; All Blacks VS Wallabies

Last weekend, Saturday night was rugby night! The pride of New Zealand, the national rugby team All Blacks, was playing against the national team of Australia, the Wallabies. And they won the game easily, Wallabies didn't score at all actually.

It was cool to finally get to see a rugby game since everyone is so obsessed about it over here. But it's hard when you don't know all the rules. It felt like such a random sport and it was real intense but still quite slow. I think it's better on TV actually because then you get close up pictures and it's easier to follow the game. The audience was also REALLY BORING, which is something I've never experienced in an arena before. No one was cheering and I couldn't stop wondering why?

But still, it was a great evening. All of us continued the night on a bar in town. We wanted to head to another bar but realised pretty soon that, hey we won't get in anywhere with this make up and rugby shirts, haha! One drunk girl told me, “nice whiskers” and her friend told her “it's All Blacks make up….”.










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