This song has been in my head all day. 

Last night we decided to do a real girls night with dinner and go to the movies, and it was fabulous! We went to Elliot Stables for dinner, it’s like a food court but more ”fancy”. I loved the place and the food was delicious, there were a lot to choose from though which made it a pretty hard decision, we will definitely go back there. Then we went to watch Magic Mike and I swear it’s one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Oh my god, it was brilliant and best of all, Channing Tatum is the main actor and I would seriously kill for that man, DAMN! Watching him for 2 hours on a big screen was just, perfect. Haha. All of you girls, you have to see this movie, preferably at the cinema! And to all of you boys, no, you don’t want to see it, trust me.

For the dinner me and Monica shared tapas and a jug of Sangria, and crepes with nutella for dessert. Who said something about eating healthy and skip all alcohol? I think I only heard something about, you only live once, and that sounded more like what I prefer.

Such a perfect Tuesday night. 







My one week challenge has passed and this morning was the first time that I spoke in Swedish again. I skyped with one of my best friends back from home and I was just too excited to keep the conversation in English. And I kind of miss the Swedish language, I still need it, to be able to just let it all out. Since my English still requires a lot of thinking it gets quite demanding after a while. That’s also a huge reason to why I wanna improve it.

So, now to the dilemma. What about the blogging? Would you guys go crazy if I continued blogging in English, or would you actually enjoy it? Maybe some of you don’t mind translating my Swedish posts? And maybe some of you think it’s too much effort to read my English posts? I would be fine by mixing, some posts in English and some in Swedish – but that would probably be way too messy for all of us… I think that if I continue like this, I will sooner or later start missing my Swedish writing a lot. On the other hand would I like to improve my English writing…

I never ask you questions about my blog, I just go for whatever I feel like. But this time I felt that I might as well ask you. So if you have any opinions at all, please let me know and if you don’t give a damn, then I guess I will have to make this hard decision myself ;)

Should I continue blogging in English or go back to Swedish?

This morning I experienced something quite magical. I woke up, opened up my eyes and the absolutely first thing I could see was the sun rising above the ocean. I wasn’t sure if I was still dreaming. Just as I grabbed my iPhone to take a picture of the beautiful happening, my alarm went off. What’s the odds of me waking up just before my alarm clock and have that view just in front of my eyes as I’m still laying in the bed? Moments like these make me start thinking about a higher power… ;)


Sometimes I wish that I wasn’t so scared of things, that I wasn’t so careful all the time. But then I use to tell myself, it’s okay to be scared, as long as you don’t let the fear overpower your mind and control you. So even though it f*cking freaks me out, I will just go on and do it. Again and again and again. It might scares me every single time and I will just keep on doing it anyway. Or at least tell myself that I will, that I won’t let the fear stop me from doing things that I really want to do.

 This week will be the week when I learned how to…

… not say ”like” in every single sentence.
… get enough rest to get my cough go away.
… go to bed early and shut off my mind.
… read more books and spend less time on the computer.
… wake up when my alarm tells me to.
… focus on studying even when I’m not in class.
… not make blog posts out of everything that comes to my mind all the time!

Well, the last one won’t work. Anyway, let’s work on all the other parts at least!
Wish me good luck.  

My day so far:
everything but studying. Look at these beautiful office spaces that I found on Pinterest.

Yesterday me and Gaby took a nice walk through a park that’s really close to where we live. We gossiped and laughed and it was a really sweet walk. Gaby also got to experience my fear of birds, I cannot believe it myself how scared I really am, it’s ridiculous!

Then we went for lunch and in to some stores and I fell in love with this gorgeous little purse. But then I remembered that I’m a student who wants to see all of New Zealand and the rest of the world and I realized that buying a bag for 700 Swedish kronor is not what I should do right now. Good girl.

Vi har precis flyttat in i en liten, liten lägenhet strax i utkanten av Venedig. Jag som alltid velat lära mig spanska, men du tycker italienska är vackrare och varför inte sa jag precis som första gången du ville bjuda mig på en drink. Det är högt i tak, stora fönster och väggar i tegel. På golvet ligger en pizzakartong med några kvarlämnade pizzakanter och ruccolablad i, lakanen i sängen är skrynkliga och på ett klädställ på hjul hänger alla våra kläder. Alla de kläder som rymdes i varsin resväska. Jag stoppar mina fötter i mina svarta ballerinaskor som hängt med sedan jag var nitton och ska ge dig en snabb puss innan jag går, men du håller mig kvar. Du drar ner mig i soffan, håller dina armar hårt runt mig, kysser mig på pannan och jag drar in doften av din hals. Tänker aldrig lämna dig, lovar du att aldrig lämna mig? Och så tar jag min handväska i ena handen, Mulberry såklart, och min Macbook i andra och skyndar mig ut genom dörren.

Kaféet tio minuter bort ser lika idylliskt ut som när jag såg det för två år sedan och tänkte ’här ska jag skriva min andra bok’. Jag beställer ett glas vin, rött, och slår mig ner vid ett bord i hörnet, precis vid fönstret där jag kan sitta och titta ut på vackra italienare som strosar förbi. ”Allting börjar här” står överst i dokumentet som visas när jag öppnar min dator och innan den låt som spelas i högtalarna hunnit ta slut, har jag format tre perfekta meningar och i samma takt fortsätter det i timmar.

Klockan är strax före midnatt när jag promenerar hem igen på de små gatorna och andas in av den ljumma sommaren. Jag tänker på när jag låg i en säng på andra sidan jorden för fem år sedan. Tänk att du fick allting du drömde om Jennifer och det slutar inte här!


Söker du efter något?