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my one week challenge

Last night when I was laying in my bed and couldn't fall asleep I came up with this great idea. Great ideas always come to me when I am about to sleep. So, I decided for one week only speak English and use no Swedish at all. Because even though I talk a lot of English over here, I still have my Swedish friends Gaby and Martin and the norweigans and some people from home that I am speaking Swedish with. So, until next Wednesday I will do all talking and of course, blogging in English, please bare with me. I know that I do some mistakes, but I don't really care, all I want to do is improve my English and I've heard that practice makes perfect?

Ps. You will still get some blog posts in Swedish since I've already written them. But the rest, will be in English whether you like it or not!



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  1. Engelska inlägg låter splendid! En gåva genom Law of Attraction låter det som för mig då jag OCKSÅ planerar att förbättra min engelska genom att (försöka) endast läsa engelsk skönlitteratur, se engelsk film med engelsk text eller ingen alls och följa engelska bloggar. SKOJ & Tack.

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