Jennifer sandström

Stäng denna sökruta.

I’d have to consider you as a dead man.

I’m pretty sure we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg so far. Underneath those feelings, underneath these gentle feelings of falling in love, we will discover something greater and deeper. It will be mad, passionate and extraordinary. As of now, we’re peacefully sailing, just like Titanic. And one day we will crash into the iceberg, crash into all of it. We will be running, fighting and drowning. And even though I think we will both survive, my fear is that I'd have to consider you a as dead man. That would actually be worse than if you would die for real.

Every now and then I have the urge to write and sometimes I write random stuff in a word document.  I just found the text above and I couldn't remember if I had actually written it or found it somewhere else. But I googled it and there were no results so I came to the conclusion that, yes I did write this. Haha. That happens quite often, I look through my iphone notes and get surprised by everything I have written there… 


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