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I dream when I sleep, too

When I woke up this morning I was so happy, you know why? Because this was the first night that I actually dreamt that I was in New Zealand and that is a huge step! I have been having all those dreams with people from back home and I have always been in my hometown. But finally my mind starts to realize that this where I am now and this is what I want all my thoughts to be about at the moment! I also think that I was speaking English in the dream, it only took one day of only speaking English to achieve that, yeay!

The biggest challenge of this week will probably be skyping with my mum and talking to all Swedish people on the internet, but I suppose writing in Swedish is more ok than actually speaking it. I just had this skype conversation with my brother and his friend, they were speaking Swedish and I responded in English – that's even harder than just having a conversation in English!


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