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There are these times when you just need a break. And you find peace in it. It's so sudden. What used to be your everyday routines do not longer control you. There is no blog to write, no people to follow and no likes to count. It's such a relief, even more relaxing then my day at the spa the other day. At this moment, I'm writing for the purpose of constructing sentences and letting my thoughts out and on paper. There is no other aim. And writing shouldn't be, it shouldn't be for anyone else. I believe that's where and when the magic happens. 

But blogging is such more more than writing. My blog is not solely about me and certainly not solely for me. I write to network, to inspire, to spread something I believe is important.


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  1. Skönt med break ibland MEN jag saknar dina uppdateringar Jennifer. ❤️

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