Jennifer sandström

Being a woman.

Posted this on my Instagram and Facebook so thought I should share it with you guys here as well. 

international women's day

Back in Göteborg after nine days in Stockholm. Had a rough day because of PMS, one of many things today that reminded me I’m a woman. Following discussions about feminism and I get both sad and tired. Some people are fighting so hard while others just don't give a shit. I hear people say “They just want something to hate on…” and I don't know what to say. But I know there are parts of this world where feminism is absolutely necessary. So if you don't care about whether or not 50 shades of Grey is an acceptable movie, you can focus on something else. I'm gonna watch the documentary “India's daughter” tonight and I'm gonna feel the hate I've felt before, hate, not towards men but towards society. If you are a woman and if you have been to a place where differences between men and women are so obvious, you will have felt it too. All the times I've felt unsafe or felt like a piece of meat I've closed my eyes and wished I would just turn into a man. That is why this day is important, because of the right for all women in this world to feel no different than all the men. ❤️


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