Jennifer sandström

absolut vodka


Last night when I came home after being at a friends place baking cinnamon buns I just wanted to crash in my bed, but my flatties had other plans for us. And one drink became a couple of drinks and we had a really good time just talking shit (or well, important shit, like boys and love and shoes, we talked a lot about shoes), they are so nice all of my flatmates, four kiwi girls!

Of course I had to tell everyone that, yes Absolut Vodka is a Swedish brand. You feel so proud about being a Swede when you are abroad, I mean; IKEA, Absolut and H&M, just to mention a few. And I tend to mention Spotify a lot, everyone should use Spotify, really.

Tonight there is a welcome party for all us exchange students, it will be nice to hang out with everyone. What else? I'm still loving life, a lot. Puss och kram!

silver sweater and big necklace!



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