a quote that explains last night

We had another great night out in Auckland. After the welcome party we had a ”middle party” at some friends' apartment and when we got kicked out because we we're like 50 people in there, we went to Fort Street Union. I really like that place, it's like a cool bar with one area with open roof and a couple of dance floors.

Today it feels a bit hard with all the English talking with Gaby, but we are doing a really good job even though we are somewhat hungover and it would have been so much easier to just speak Swedish. But hey, you don't achieve all your dreams by always choosing the easy way, right?

Anyway, you only live once and last night was a lot of fun!

Jennifer Sandström
Jennifer Sandström

Jag hjälper jag dig öka din trafik med SEO. I bloggen får du läsa om marknadsföring, företagande, foto, skrivande, böcker och resor. Gällivare är min hemstad/favoritplats, bor i Helsingfors pga kärleken.

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