What if…

What if you had unlimited money, what would you do? And even more interesting, what if you had unlimited time, how would you spend your life?

People tend to live their lives as if money was the only problem, as if time did not matter. We watch stupid television shows. We fight and yell at each other. We feel bad about ourselves. Even though each and everyone of us know that we are only here for a limited period of time. Isn’t that a little bit sad?

So the question should rather be, not what you would do if you had unlimited time but what you really want to do with your life and the certain amout of time that you are given? And whatever your answer is, that is what you should do. Because there is no reason not to follow your heart. In matter of fact, follow your heart should be the one and only rule controlling your life. In the end, nothing else really matters.

Jennifer Sandström
Jennifer Sandström

En personlig blogg om resor, företagande, marknadsföring, skrivande, böcker, foto och annat som rör vardagen i Helsingfors (ibland i Gällivare och Göteborg) och på resande fot.


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